Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 2024 & Specifications

This article provides a detailed overview of the car Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 2024, specifications and features, including its fuel economy, emissions performance, and safety features. So, lets start The Prius is now in its fourth generation and continues to be one of the most popular hybrid cars on the market. Toyota Prius is available in a variety of models and configurations, and it offers excellent fuel economy and emissions performance. The Prius is available in both gas and electric versions, and it comes with a variety of features that make it an attractive option.

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 2024

In this section you can find out new Toyota Prius 2024 price in Pakistan. In this price table you can also compare new and old prices. This price table update on every price hike in market.

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 2023
Toyota Prius S
1798 cc, Automatic, Hybrid
PKR 14,649,000

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Toyota Prius Pakistan

The Toyota Prius is a highly fuel-efficient automobile that has been popular in many countries around the world. The Prius was first sold in Japan in 1997 and has since become one of the most popular vehicles on the market. The Prius is available in different models and colors, making it a versatile option for drivers. In Pakistan, the Prius is available as a standard model, with an optional hybrid engine.

Toyota Prius is a hybrid gas-electric car. The Toyota Prius is not only a best seller in the US but it has also become a symbol of environmental consciousness worldwide. The Prius hybrid is a perfect blend of fuel efficiency and style. The Prius is also a powerful alternative for families and professionals, which makes it a favorite among the masses. The Toyota Prius comes with a number of special features and functions that are sure to turn heads.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan

  • Fuel Type: Petrol & Hybrid
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine: 1797 cc to 1798 cc
  • Fuel Average: 38 To 42 KM/L
  • Price Range: PKR 146.5 – 146.5 lacs

Toyota Prius New Look Image/Pictures

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Toyota Prius Specifications Pakistan

The specs of a car may include a number of different elements, such as the speed limit, the price, the size, the type, and other factors. Similarly, when talking about the specifications of a car, there are several elements that need to be specified as well.

Toyota Prius Specifications Pakistan
Body TypeSedan
Horse Power96 - 97 hp
Kerb Weight1310 - 1370 KG
Seating Capacity5 - Persons
Fuel Tank Capacity38 - 43 L
Top Speed180 KM/H

The regular model has an EPA rating of 54 MPGe and the high-efficiency model has an EPA rating of 58 MPGe. The Prius has a fuel economy of 40 city/46 highway/52 combined mpg. The dimensions for the regular model are 108.7 inches long, 67 inches wide, and 57 inches tall and for the high-efficiency model they are 116.5 inches long, 70.5 inches wide, and 60 inches tall. There is also a third model that is not a hybrid but has the same dimensions as the regular and high-efficiency Prius models. Scroll down the page for latest Toyota Prius Car 2024 price in Pakistan.

Tyres & Wheels
Tyre Size OE195/65 R15
Wheel Size15" (inches)
Wheelbase2700 mm


The Prius was designed with passenger comfort in mind, and its interior is designed to provide optimal space and airflow. The Prius also comes with a number of features that make it a great car to drive, including its hybrid engine, safety features, and spacious interior.

Toyota Prius Interior Features
6 AirbagsRear AC Vents
NavigationClimate Control
Cruise ControlTraction Control
Steering Switches3-spoke steering wheel
smart entry systempush start/stop button
7-inch touchscreenUSB and Bluetooth connectivity
dual zone auto air-conditioninghumidity sensors
power windowspower door locks

With a design that many say resembles a flying saucer, there is no denying that the Prius is unique. There is also nothing better than a car with style and class. However, there are some interior design and features of the Toyota Prius that can be easily changed or improved. The current windshield is very hard to clean and can collect dust easily. The seat back is usually made of wood or leather. This is usually a good thing because it provides a lot of support.


When Toyota debuted the Toyota Prius in 1997, it had two key exterior design elements. The second element was a front grille that resembled an airplane wing. These two design elements helped to make the car more aerodynamic and less windy. They also gave the Prius a sporty and futuristic look, which is something that people wanted to associate with a hybrid vehicle. These two exterior design features helped set the Prius apart from all other hybrid vehicles that were on the market at that time.

Dimensions, Weights & Space
Boot Space470 L
No of Doors4
Ground Clearance140 mm
Length / Width / Height (mm)4540 / 1760 / 1470
Curb Weight1310 KG
Wheelbase2700 mm

It has two doors, a hatchback, and a trunk that opens upward to reveal a flat floor for cargo storage. The hybrid system makes the car more efficient and it uses less fuel, but still gets good gas mileage. Toyota Prius car price in Pakistan 2024 is good as it’s fuel economy.

Not only does it have great fuel efficiency, but the exterior design of the vehicle is also attractive. Here are some of the exterior design benefits of the Toyota Prius:

  • The Toyota Prius has a sleek and modern look that can be customized to fit your taste.
  • It’s easy to keep clean thanks to its durable exterior and optional all-weather tires.
  • The Prius has low emissions, so it’s good for the environment.


Toyota Prius is a Hybrid car that has a 1.8 liter engine. The engine specifications and features of the Toyota Prius in Pakistan include:

  • The engine produces 97 horsepower and 142 NM of torque.
  • Engine can run on gasoline, electricity, or a combination of both.
  • The transmission in the Toyota Prius is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about changing gears yourself.

Engine & Transmission
Engine Displacement1798 cc
Engine Power72kW @ 5200
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves
Torque142 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Gear BoxCVT

The Toyota Prius has been a symbol of fuel efficiency since its introduction, but how much of that is hype? According to our research, the Prius is still a pretty impressive car. The Toyota Prius is the second best-selling hybrid in the U.S., and for all those people who don’t care about gas mileage, the Prius offers an interesting alternative to the Ford Escape Hybrid and Honda Civic Hybrid, two competitors that are similar in size and price. The Prius is also the top selling hybrid in Japan.

Fuel Average

The fuel economy of a vehicle is measured using the amount of miles per gallon (MPG) that it consumes. However, if a vehicle is consuming more gas than it can produce, it becomes a drain on the environment and is considered inefficient. Toyota Prius car price in Pakistan 2024 is below, you just need to scroll down page.

Toyota Prius Fuel Average
Fuel Average in City38 KM/L
Fuel Average Highway42 KM/L
Fuel Capacity43L

In 2010, Toyota announced that its popular hybrid vehicle, the Prius, had achieved fuel economy of 40 miles per gallon. That was no small accomplishment. But even more impressive than the fuel economy was the fact that the Prius had broken the record for highest passenger vehicle mileage per gallon. Since the Prius was released, other manufacturers have followed suit and released hybrid models, and some are even releasing electric versions.

Engine Power

The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car that combines two distinct concepts in order to improve fuel efficiency. The first concept is called the Atkinson cycle and is what allows the Toyota Prius to achieve the EPA rating of 56 MPG-e. This system was developed by Toyota’s Advanced Research Center. This concept is what allows the Toyota Prius to be environmentally friendly. The reason why these two different concepts come together is because Toyota wants to give its drivers the best fuel efficiency. The Toyota Prius also features some of the most advanced safety technology in the automotive industry.

Engine & Transmission
Engine Displacement1798 cc
Engine Power72kW @ 5200
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves
Torque142 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Gear BoxCVT

Toyota Prius Fuel Average
Fuel Average in City38 KM/L
Fuel Average Highway42 KM/L
Fuel Capacity43L


Toyota announced that it will suspend production of the Prius, the company’s best-selling car, for six months starting in February as a result of declining sales. Toyota plans to use the time to retool its assembly line and focus on other models. You need to go price section below to check out new car Toyota Prius 2024 price in Pakistan.

Suspension & Brakes
Minimum Turning Radius5.1 M
Suspension FrontMacPherson Strut
Suspension RearDouble Wishbone
Brakes FrontVentilated Discs
Brakes RearSolid Discs
Kerb Weight1310 - 1370 KG

“It’s not easy for us to make this decision,” said Tsunekazu Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corp., in a statement. Toyota has been struggling since 2012 because of weak demand from China and other parts of Asia. The company has also faced criticism over its emissions standards and safety issues with some of its models.


Engine transmission of Toyota Prius is a series of gears that allow the car to move forward or backward. The engine, clutch, and transmission are all connected together and work together to power the car.

Engine & Transmission
Engine Displacement1798 cc
Engine Power72kW @ 5200
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves
Torque142 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Gear BoxCVT

Toyota Prius Features

The Toyota Prius is a very popular car.

First, the Prius is fuel efficient.

  1. It can run in electric mode when the batteries are low.
  2. It has a small engine that runs on fuel or electricity, depending on the setting.
  3. It is designed for maximum gas mileage, so it has fewer moving parts than other vehicles.
  4. The battery can be removed easily.
  5. It uses less oil than most internal combustion engines.
  6. It uses much less gasoline than many cars of similar size.
  7. It is safe, comfortable and efficient.
  8. Its design means it will last longer than others.
  9. Its interior is spacious, with enough room for five passengers.
  10. Its seats are comfortable and offer good legroom.
  11. It can be customized to meet individual preferences.
  12. It has great mileage.
  13. It is economical.
  14. It offers good value for money.
  15. It is fun to drive.
  16. It is environmentally friendly.

Why Toyota Prius is Good

From the outside, you wouldn’t expect it to be a car for people who are looking for a practical, efficient car, but that’s exactly what the Toyota Prius offers. The exterior of the Prius is sleek and modern, with a clean design that is meant to show off the technological advancements behind the vehicle. This simplicity is also evident inside the vehicle. While it’s not a very big vehicle, the interior still offers up a comfortable and spacious interior.


So, we have highlighted the details of Toyota Prius Specifications Pakistan with its price of 2024 model. So, if you face any problem with viewing images and other specs. Then you can contact us. Please also share your review about Toyota Prius Pakistan in comment section.

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