Toyota Aqua 2024 Price in Pakistan & Specifications

check out the new car Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2024 with its specifications and features in this article. Toyota’s Aqua Hybrid is the perfect blend of efficiency and style. The Aqua Hybrid is sure to turn heads with its sleek styling and stylish interior. Not only is the Aqua Hybrid the world’s first watercraft hybrid, but it also uses less fuel than its competitors and generates less noise. Toyota Aqua Hybrid Car is an eco-friendly car that was first introduced in Japan in 2012. Aqua Hybrid Car is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery pack. 

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2024

Here in this section you can check out new Toyota Aqua car 2024 price in Pakistan. Also you can compare here old and new price. Because we update the price table according to price hike in Pakistan market.

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2023
Toyota Aqua Z
1500 cc, Automatic, Hybrid
PKR 4,500,000

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Toyota Aqua Pakistan

Toyota Aqua Hybrid Car is the newest addition to Pakistan’s fleet of automobiles. The Toyota Aqua Car is available in Pakistan in one variant. The Toyota Aqua car price in Pakistan 2024 is below. The company is expected to launch the Aqua Car Pakistan in the Pakistani markets during the last week of December.

Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2023

  • Fuel Type: Hybrid
  • Engine: 1500cc
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Average: 22 To 28 KM/L
  • Top Speed: 180KM/L
  • Price Range: PKR 30 Lacs To 45 Lacs

Toyota Aqua New Look/Images

Here you can check out the new look of the Toyota Aqua Car 2024. To view in large mode, please click on the image, and it will be automatic open in large size. 

Toyota Aqua Specifications Pakistan

The Aqua has many features that set it apart from other cars on the market. Toyota Aqua Specifications are as follows:

Toyota Aqua Specifications Pakistan
Body TypeHatchback
Displacement1500 cc
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)4050 x 1695 x 1485 mm
Fuel TypeHybrid
Seating Capacity5 - Persons
Horse Power116 hp
  • The Toyota Aqua has a wheelbase of 2550mm.
  • The Toyota Aqua has many safety features, including a rearview camera and blind spot monitoring.


Toyota Aqua has been one of the most popular cars in Japan for years. The company is now releasing a new model, Aqua. The Aqua interior designed with a modern look and feel. The dashboard is sleek and contemporary, with an 8-inch center display screen that can used to control many of the car’s functions. The seats are comfortable and spacious, making the Aqua a good choice for long drives or travel. The interior of the Aqua is almost wholly made from high-quality material; the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, armrest, door handles, and seat belts are all made from metal.

Toyota Aqua Interior Features
1. High-grade fabric2. Push start/stop button
3. 4-spoke steering wheel 4. Tilt and telescopic adjustments
5. Climate control6. Audio controls
7. Bluetooth8. 4.2-inch digital TFT multi-information display panel
9. 6.1-inch touch panel display10. Wireless audio system
11. Automatic air conditioning12. Cabin air filter
13. Rear heat ducts14. Power door locks and Power windows
15. Rearview camera16. Smart key system
17. Driver door handle touch18. EV mode and ECO mode

Toyota Aqua Car 2023 Price in Pakistan is below. You just need to scroll down the page for more Toyota Aqua Specifications Pakistan.


The exterior design of Toyota Aqua is sleek and modern, with a sharply angled roofline and sharply cut lines on the sides and rear. The car also features an all-glass front windshield that gives it a cutting-edge look. Inside, the Toyota Aqua features five people, comfortable seating, and several advanced safety features. It also has a variety of optional equipment, including a navigation system and leather seats.

Toyota Aqua Exterior
Boot Space485 L
Kerb Weight1130 KG
Ground Clearance140 mm
Length / Width / Height (mm)4050 x 1695 x 1485
Seating Capacity5 Persons
Wheelbase2550 mm

The Toyota Aqua is available in three colors – Blue Crush, Cyber Gray Metallic, and Flash Silver Metallic. It is expected to be available in dealerships starting in early 2024. The exterior design of a Toyota Aqua car can make it an attractive vehicle. Several design features make Aqua stand out from the crowd, such as a unique combination of rounded surfaces and straight lines.


Toyota Aqua is a unique hybrid car with gasoline and electric engines. The gasoline engine provides power when needed, and the electric engine powers the vehicle when driving in eco mode. The engine specification for Toyota Aqua is as follows:

The gasoline engine produces 116 horsepower, while the electric motor provides 60. The combined power of the two engines allows Toyota Aqua to travel up to 31 miles on a single charge.

Toyota Aqua Engine and Transmission
Engine Displacement1500 cc
Engine Power116 hp @ 4800 RPM
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves
Fuel TypeHybrid
Torque120 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Gear BoxCVT

Suppose you think about what a typical car engine does (it converts energy into motion). In that case, it turns out that Toyota’s new engine takes a radically different approach by creating movement by itself. The engine fueled by the exhaust gas of the fuel cell stack, which acts as an electrolyte that stores electrical energy from the battery. The fuel cell then uses that stored energy to create water and carbon dioxide that, in turn, power the engine. The result is a cleaner, quieter, more efficient, and far lighter-weight vehicle than on the road today.

New Toyota Aqua car Price in Pakistan 2023 with it’s specifications and features are listed here. So, read carefully before buying toyota Aqua.

Fuel Average

When calculating the Toyota Aqua’s millage and fuel average, it was essential to consider its unique specifications. For example, the Toyota Aqua has a boosted engine that makes it more efficient when traveling at high speeds.

Toyota Aqua Fuel Average
Fuel Tank Capacity36 L
Mileage City22 KM/L
Mileage Highway28 KM/L

Its petrol engine is mounted on the front wheel and has a petrol engine on the back wheel. The petrol engine has been upgraded, giving you a torque output of 120 Nm. The petrol engine connected to the rear axle through a five-speed gearbox. 


Engine Transmission of Toyota Aqua is a very easy-to-use transmission system used for controlling the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels. Engine Transmission of Toyota Aqua used in automobiles such as the Camry, Avalon, Corolla, Corolla Levin, Vitz, and the Prius.

The Toyota Aqua transmission is a type of four-wheel drive that allows the car to move in all directions. The transmission uses gears to make the car go forward and then reverse. This system is essential for cars used for off-road purposes, as it helps the car get through difficult terrain.

Toyota Aqua Engine and Transmission
Engine Displacement1500 cc
Engine Power116 hp @ 4800 RPM
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves
Fuel TypeHybrid
Torque120 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Gear BoxCVT

Toyota Aqua transmissions have been praised for their smooth and reliable operation. This is partly thanks to the automaker’s use of several sophisticated technologies, like electronic torque vectoring and multilink rear suspension. Toyota Aqua transmissions also offer good fuel economy, making them a popular choice for drivers who want both performance and fuel efficiency.


The company has suspended Toyota Aqua suspension after receiving numerous complaints about ride quality. The suspension said to cause harshness and vibrations in the car, which makes it uncomfortable for passengers. However, Toyota has stated they are working on a new suspension system to address these concerns.

Suspension & Brakes
Suspension FrontStrut type coil spring
Suspension RearTorsion Beam
Minimum Turning Radius4.8 M
Brakes FrontSolid Discs
Brakes RearDrum

Tyres and Wheels

Toyota Aqua Tyres & Wheels
Tyre Size OE165/70 R14
Wheel Size14 inches
Wheelbase2550 mm

Toyota Aqua Competitors

As a subcompact car, Aqua is aim at people who want an affordable car that can still handle basic tasks. Aqua competitors in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Honda Fit
  • Nissan Note
  • Toyota Prius

Toyota Aqua Pros and Cons


Affordable: Toyota Aqua is one of the more affordable cars on the market.

Comfortable: The seats are comfortable and spacious.

Durable: Toyota Aqua has a durable design that can last for years.


Limited seating capacity: While the car has ample room inside, it only has a limited seating capacity.

Toyota Aqua Features

  • It’s made with an aluminum frame that can withstand a drop from a height of 25 feet.
  • It has two adjustable suspension levels that let you customize the vehicle’s ride and handling.
  • The Aqua’s cabin is equipped with a powerful, fuel-efficient engine.
  • Its features include keyless entry, auto climate control, Bluetooth, navigation, USB and iPod connectivity, power windows, power sliding doors, and a remote start system.
  • The Aqua’s interior is made of durable, high-quality Nappa leather.
  • No keys or locks!
  • Fully loaded interior
  • Automatic climate control
  • 3D navigation system
  • 5.5-inch touchscreen
  • Full smartphone compatibility
  • Rear-seat entertainment system
  • 7-speaker sound system
  • Bluetooth streaming audio
  • iPod connectivity
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Blind-spot monitoring system
  • USB charging ports
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling
  • Head-up display
  • Navigation system
  • Rear-facing camera
  • Rearview camera
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • Voice recognition
  • GPS


As per specifications and features of Toyota Aqua, its 2024 price in Pakistan is reliable. Because fuel average of Toyota aqua is too much good. So, don’t thing too much to buy this car.

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